One of my team members is Santa Claus and keeps it secret from everybody

When you connect millions of users with hundred thousands of businesses over a website and mobile applications, you make customer service part of your mission. So we work hard on building a customer-focused culture. We even sometimes take hard decisions when it comes to set priorities between solving customers’ issues and developing cool new features.

There is so much to learn from feedback and complaints from our customers and users. To have customers truly convinced that you deliver the best service you can, you need to truly try to do so because you believe this is the right way to go. But, you will not make a difference just by putting posters on the walls with “we are customer-oriented!” written on them. You need people who are passionate about serving customers.

Thanks to some dedicated colleagues, we walk in the direction of surprising our customers. So much happens here, some real acts of kindness. But, those passionate people find so normal and natural all what they do that they don’t make that much noise about it… And that makes it difficult to find out!

However, I somehow managed to hear about the recent prowess of a colleague:

From time to time, some users while looking up a phone number, address and e-mail of somebody, send by mistake e-mail to our customer service, thinking it will reach the person they were looking for.

So, this colleague recently received an e-mail of a young user who thought he was writing to his mum and was giving her the details of his X-mas whish list.
During her lunch break, my colleague went to a shop to buy one of the items on the list, sent it to the young guy like it was a natural thing to do, sat back on her desk and continued to work…



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