The Retrospective Effect

More than one year ago, we were busy introducing agile development practices. What is cool and interesting with Scrum – and it’s not the only thing – is the retrospective. You start to learn and like reflecting on what you have done, you identify what you have to improve. I don’t know if it is always the case when introducing Scrum, but there is a point in time where those Scrum retrospectives create a real movement in the company; there are retrospectives everywhere, for everything…

The introduction of Scrum is now behind us and the retrospective frenzy is gone. However, we are still serious about retrospectives, having turned that into a real inspect and adapt instrument.

So, when I celebrated my first year in the company, I naturally thought about doing a retrospective in form of a company blog article. And, when I started to think about it, I realized how fast things are going in that business, how many interesting and worth saying things are happening here, every day.

Because time flies like dog years and because there are many things to retrospect on, very simple and little things which are happening but which make the difference and that we should not forget, I decided to open that space.


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