Take your leadership to the next level by learning to say “we”

Feedback on my almost 5 years at local.ch.

I think I’m the victim of a big misunderstanding…
At the beginning of the year, I met some people at Swisscom and I told them how we do business and technology at local.ch. I told them about all the things we achieved together. They asked: “Would you be interested to take the challenge of doing the same in the area of the Internet of things and more particularly connected homes”.
I said yes.
Then, I signed some paper.
And, some time after, I went there for my first day of work. A guy shown me a table and a chair and that was it. So, I was surprised. I asked “where are the other tables and chairs for the rest of the team”.
“Which team?” he asked.
I said “the team at local.ch; you asked if we would be interested to take that challenge”.
He said: “but no, we asked if you would be interested”.
I said: “yes, and I thought “you” was “we”, the team”.
He said:  “No, it was “me””.
I said: “You? You want to take our job?”
He said: “No when I say “me” I mean “you””.
I said: “Exactly, so where are the other tables”.
Then he called a phone number, some guys came to pick me up. Since that time, I pretend I work in my new job but I spend my time in a little hidden room with “zen music”, a little water fountain and bird noises. They say I’m enrolled in a special leadership program called “the program for people who can only understand the word “you” in plural and only use “we”, never “I””.

This is actually a very good conclusion for my almost 5 years at local.ch because I came here to learn to say “we”.
I came here for the team.
I came here for the teamwork, for achieving things in teams, for building teams and for developing people inside teams.
local.ch gave me a lot. It transformed me. I came here as a “bully” manager, full of prefab ideas and judgments. And, I learned a lot about myself. I learned to become a brother. A guide. A goalkeeper. A motivator. I learned to spend more time working with people than computing numbers on a dashboard. I learned that the most powerful results come like that. I learned that I still have sympathy for the numbers but that I freaking love people. I learned that a good team makes the difference and I learned to patiently build it. I learned to take time to find and team up with some magicians who have a special sensor that gives them the ability to detect my ups and my downs and who were always there to bring me up again when I was down. Together we went through an impressive list of ups and downs and the sum of them is a very very big up.

This has been almost 5 years of very intensive but successful teamwork. I had the chance to initiate and be part of so many great achievements. I could make the list of projects. I could name products. I could throw revenue growth and traffic figures my team trusted me to commit and that we achieved. I will proudly remember all of that.

But what I will remember above all is the name, the face and some particularities of each of my colleagues because they have been my family for the last 5 years.


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