My name is Gregory Grin.

I’m a creative technology leader with a strong appetite for building new products and new customer experiences.
My career connects a solid experience of creating, transforming & leading business units for technology products & services.

I strongly believe that whatever the business you are in, you may have the best technology, the best financial back-up, but if you only stay focused on numbers on your colourful management dashboard, it’s not enough, you have it wrong and you will fail. The impact you will have on your market will be limited. Making an impact, and a sustainable one, is about happy people sharing the same values, welcoming diversity, implementing great ideas thanks to a mix of experiences, expertise, histories, cultures and opinions. You can go to any leadership education but that will not help you if you don’t love people, stand for your values and welcome diversity.

This space is just a bit of retrospection, ideas and thoughts inspired by leading technology business putting people, values and diversity first in markets where time flies at a dog years speed.

You can find more about my professional profile on Linkedin and follow me on twitter.